As well as teaching the pre-&post-natal yoga and the mum & baby classes, I also run Active Birth workshops for expectant women and their birthing partners. By understanding the labour process, staying as relaxed as possible, and by having as much knowledge about your options, you will be more in control of your labour and have the best birth you can wish for. Obviously labour is unpredictable and it can slow down and speed up for a multitude of reasons. Most mums just accept what they are told in hospital by their caregivers and let everything be led by them.

However, there is SO much you can do yourself to take control of your labour and have the best birthing experience you can have, which is what we go through in the workshop. As Sheila Kitzinger, the natural childbirth activist and author on childbirth and pregnancy, says

“For far too many women, pregnancy and birth is something that happens to them rather than something they set out consciously and joyfully to do themselves.”

This is where RUM comes in! What, alcohol?! No, RUM stands for:

  • Relaxed
  • Upright
  • Mobile

If you can remember those three very simple words during your labour and birth, you will be in for a faster, easier and less painful experience.

So take control ladies! More to come on RUM in my next post.


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